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A Million Different Escapades for Two

Whether you want an elegant or a relaxed holiday, you can be certain that there’s a great place out there for you.

Sometimes taking a trip and spending quality time with the person you love goes further than any gift ever could. Vacation resorts around the world now cater expressly to the needs of couples who wish to shake things up a bit.

What's your idea of a perfect romantic escapade?

Two artwork Conveniences such as brightly colored rose petals sprinkled on your bed, freshly cut flowers, mouth-watering chocolates, and great tasting champagne are just some of the pleasures awaiting you in your room. When you think of romance, particular images of places might pop up in your head. For you, that might include a jaunt to some far-off island where you can enjoy a soothing exotic drink on a white-sand beach or gaze in wonder at the sight of a incredible sunset. Others may favor exploring cities like Paris and Florence for a lover’s getaway.

If you’re looking for a place to vacation where you can spend quality time with that special someone, here are a number of of the best ports of call for the romantically inclined.

St. Lucia
One of Eastern Caribbean’s hidden gems remains the small island of St. Lucia. Couples on the look-out for a destination with equal parts relaxation and adventures need search no longer than St. Lucia which offers first-class beaches and luxury amenities.

Kauai, Hawaii
Adventure and romance are intertwined on the island of Kauai, Hawaii making it the ideal place for couples seeking both. On this the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, you will astound at the unique landscapes, pristine beaches, and signature vistas.

Known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” visitors can uncover its breathtaking canyon and waterfalls.

This East African nation has all the elements to make it a great destination for the romantic traveler, even though it might not be the first place that comes to mind.

Fiji in the South Pacific is another ultra -romantic travel destination for couples on the lookout for an exciting destination where everything goes. There are numbers of extraordinary holiday resorts and spas on this Melanesian island country which is made up of more than 330 islands. Couples looking for warm temperatures and a romantic place brimming with chances to share private moments need look no further than the island of Fiji.


There are few bucket lists that don’t include a life-changing journey through Patagonia, a sparsely populated region shared by Chile and Argentina. This is a wonderland located at the end of the planet which has long attracted travelers of all kinds to visit this place of breathtaking glaciers and wildlife.

Patagonia is one of the most unique places on earth because of its unmatched, stunning fjords and soaring snow-capped mountains as well as its massive glaciers and ancient forests.

What Makes a Perfect Honeymoon?

Let’s not overlook the memorable honeymoon holiday that comes after the “I do’s”. The increased numbers of newly wedded couples looking for the ideal honeymoon has caused more resorts and cruise lines to offer specific romantic getaways filled with a romantic touch. What is certain is that newlyweds are on the lookout for the perfect place to unwind, reinvigorate and share romantic moments. Newlyweds can choose from myriad destination options where they can spend those first days or weeks hand-in-hand.

Let's get married!
You’ve been swept away by your sweetheart and now you want to organize the ultimate honeymoon. From the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, newlyweds in the US have so many vacation spots to choose from whatever their pursuits – whether it’s mountain climbing, skiing, kayaking, or visiting iconic cities.
LA & SF, Cali

Los Angeles’ Hollywood sign and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge are just two of California’s most iconic symbols.

New York City is recognized worldwide for its sites, museums, and food, but it is also a place where experienced innkeepers know how to treat newlyweds in exceptional fashion. The Big Apple’s renowned sites, museums, and night scene make it well worth getting out from under the sheets.

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Hawaii, one of the world’s most well-known honeymoon destinations, has so many things on offer that the list seems never-ending, from its magnificent beaches, world-class hotels, innovative cuisine to its water sports and breathtaking natural beauty.

Las Vegas
And don’t overlook Las Vegas. For those newlyweds who seek round-the-clock excitement and night-time fun more than they want to chill out at some beach, this city is the perfect destination.

Europe’s cultural marvels, varied cuisines and relaxing shores make it a great honeymoon destination.

Paris, nicknamed the City of Love, is pretty much the perfect backdrop for a romantic honeymoon: cuddling in a cozy bistro by day and walking under the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower by night.
Find your way over to Italy and experience its many wonders, from its historical marvels, delicious food, and world-renowned fashion, to name just a few.

The picturesque small towns and culture- rich cities of the Tuscany region are a must see when journeying to Italy. In Venice you’ll see and hear the crooning of the gondolieri who float along the canals of the City of Water and you’ll marvel at the creativity of the masks donned during Carnival time.

Spain offers may places to visit: from the historic, the natural wonder, to the sunny coasts and party islands.

Combined with detailed architecture and Spanish folklore, Seville is an enchanting city perfect for honeymooners to uncover. Its magnificent palaces and parks are perfect places to check out during the day. Follow this up with a regenerating siesta so you have the energy to dance all night long.


And last but certainly not least, Greece boasts blue waters with recognizable whitewashed backdrops. The cuisine, seafood in particular, is super -fresh—and especially good with a serving of ouzo.

Wonderful honeymoon memories can be made in the South Pacific.

Set in the South Pacific, Tahiti and Fiji are recognized as some of the best honeymoon destinations worldwide. Both islands feature miles and miles of peaceful, breathtaking shores as well as some seriously amazing living arrangements.

The jaw-dropping over-water suites let you view tropical fish swimming underneath your coffee table.

Honeymooning in Africa is an adventure beyond compare.
The least interesting thing you’ll do on an African honeymoon is to read a book before a hippo-filled river because the rest of the time you’ll be on an exhilarating game drive, a walking safari, a fishing expedition or a canoe trip. Share an intimate moment with your loved one beneath the star-studded night-time skies and to the sounds of the African bush, periodically accompanied by the roar of a lion. Often referred to as the “Real Africa”, Zambia is the place to experience raw wilderness devoid of the hubbub of large crowds. Honeymooners who prefer adventure and have a genuine love of nature have made it a popular destination to visit. In this part of Africa, you will find some of the most isolated areas full of wildlife, but you will also enjoy a place of beautiful and marvelous sunsets along with a silence you never knew existed.

A world in one honeymoon, South Africa features one of the world's most beautiful cities, Cape Town, an abundance of Big 5 game reserves, charming wine routes, pristine, sun-drenched beaches and exquisite mountain ranges.The “Rainbow Nation” is also home to a significant wide range of varied cultures replete with their own history and traditions. Mauritius, a very renown destination among honeymooning couples, is an island which lies about 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa. Often considered an excellent honeymoon destination, this island set on the Indian Ocean features a temperate climate as well as stunning palm-fringed beaches.

In Mauritius newlyweds will find that there are plenty of activities to keep busy, but not stressed, with all of time necessary to kick back in a luxurious setting and just the right standard of service they want for such a special moment.

Check Out Some of the The Planet's Greatest Hikes

The most significant walkabout is not just about the walk on its own, but rather about investing in the destination’s historical past and tradition. Still, these walks are not an effortless task. They will challenge your strength both physically and mentally, leaving you with a lasting impression of the beauty of the planet.

Here, we have listed 8 best treks.

Peru's Inca Trail - 26.7 miles - 4 days

Memorable moments are bountiful on the Inca Trail, but none can compete with the time you go through the Sun Gate and first see the vision of the forgotten city of Machu Picchu. The best months to go are May to September

Colombia’s Lost City ~ 5 days and 27 miles

Voyage through the lavish jungle across steams before arriving at the ruins of Teyuna. Make this your principal stop and you will be alone in the Lost City.

Ideal time to go: December to March.

Nepal: Everest Base Camp - 38.5 miles & 13 days
This experience will take you closer to the natives of the Himalayas before opening a window to the top of the planet.

After observing Everest, you will never look at our planet in the exact same manner.

Perfect time to go: August to November.

Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro - 21.1 miles & 8 days

Mt Kilimanjaro at 5,895m (19,340 ft.) is Africa's tallest point. It is daunting to say the least, but unlike other tall peaks, it provides those courageous enough to get to the summit.

It is best to go from September to March.

Europe's Mont Blanc - 8 days and 77.7 miles
With the Tour du Mont Blanc you make your way one hundred miles through 3 countries: Switzerland, Italy, and France.

Ideal time to go: June to September.

Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia -10 days & 82.6 miles
A image Best-known for its scenery, you will witness stunning volcanic backdrops, enormous glaciers, and vast steppe-like plains leading to the horizon. The best time to go is from December to March.

Venezuela's Mount Roirama ~21.1 miles and 6 days

The splendid mountain of Roraima is sacred to the area’s natives and may have inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to pen the fictional story, "The Lost World." When to go: You can journey through Roraima at any time in the year, but November to April is the time.

The Camino de Santiago, Spain ~ 466 miles and 30 days
The popular Camino de Santiago, also recognized as the St. James Trail, was a relevant Christian retreat during the Middle Ages, and continues to be a prominent spiritual pilgrimage even today.

The trail can be traveled any month of the year but the perfect time is between spring and autumn, however it will be very busy.

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